Inside The Uberrime Studio

Uberrime®, (Uber-ree-may) Latin for luxury, abundance, and or fruitfully copious. Welcome to the Uberrime Studio, a commercial maker's space in Orlando Florida. I began Uberrime indirectly in 2015 when I moved all of my workshop tools and creative materials into a tiny office space, cordoned off into different labs where each corner is used to make different things. Asking a lifelong friend what I could make them for Christmas, thinking a nice hand carved clock or something elegant, they replied bluntly and in all seriousness, "A Dildo." It took me all of about two seconds to reply that I could in fact make one. After a month of trial and error, the gift arrived just before Christmas. The feedback was immediate, “You should sell these!” A few weeks later I received a text from them asking for six more and that they were going to pay for them. Yes indeed!

Skin safe Platinum Silicone is the foundation of all of my toys. Nearly all the toys begin as hand sculpted plugs in clay and resins. A silicone mold is then made around the sculpture into which the individual toys are cast one at a time. I rather enjoy sculpting, playing with colors and abstract shapes and combinations of those where the result is something unique and artsy. There is a deep sense of gratification in hand making and I strive to become better, explore, and expand with each and every toy I make. Ultimately Id like my toys to be thought of as functional art pieces, something that could or should be on display. From realistic and reaslistic-ish to sci-fi and fantasy sculptures, the end results are all unique and uniquely yours.

Marco the Maker 

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