Uberrime Artifex Colorways

The Uberrime Studio primarily uses cosmetics based mica pigments for striking, skin safe colorways in platinum silicone. Our three color marbles "Artifex"  variants generally consist of an accent (listed first), secondary, and base color from the tip to the base of each toy. Being made by hand, each toy is truly unique as no two toys will look exactly the same, bespoke. 

Xenuphora OG "Aqua Tip" Pearl Aqua, Vivid Pink, and Color Shift Purple

Baroba in UV - IV - UV Green, UV Purple and Luster Glitter Black

Vivaes in Ultra Shift - Color Shift Blue, Color Shift Purple, and Nebula Dark Purple

Vivaes in Ultra Violet - UV Violet, Chrome, and Nebula Dark Purple

Vivaes in Ultra Kush - UV Green, Chrome, and Astral Dark Green

Helios in Volcano - Lemon Pop, Candy Apple Red, and Luster Glitter Black

Xenuphora Colorway "Pink Tip" - Vivid Pink, Pearl Aqua, and Color Shift Purple

Vis in UVIII - UV Green, UV Blue, and UV Purple

Teuthida Tentacle in Snapdragon - Pearl Aqua, Orchid, and Pearl White

Night King in Uberrime Brand Colorway - Lavender, Pearl White and Luster Glitter Black

Teuthida in Purple Ecstasy - NOLA Purple, Pearl Aqua, and Astral Dark Green

Helios in Sunburst - Candy Apple Red, Orangsicle, and Lemon Pop

Cephalatrox in Tryst - Pearl Pink, Pearl Violet, and Pearl Blue

Vis in Peacock - Pearl Aqua, Glitter Gold, Color Shift Blue, and Color Shift Purple

Architect in Of Steel - Anastasia Red, Chrome, and Sapphire Blue

Vis in Patina - Emerald Green, Copper and Sapphire Blue

Teuthida Tentacle in Mermaid - Pearl Aqua, Mermaid Blue, and Nebula Dark Purple

Architect in Mardi Gras - NOLA Purple, Glitter Gold, and Emerald Green

Night King in Poison Ivy - Limeade Green, Emerald Green, and Astral Dark Green

Astra in Steampunk - Emerald Green, Crucible Gold, and Crucible Red

Igneus Dragon Dildo in Fling - Vivid Pink, Vivid Violet, and Vivid Indigo

Night King in Fire & Ice - Lemon Pop, Candy Apple Red and True Blue

Night King in Koi - Orangesicle, Pearl White, and Luster Glitter Black

Igneus Dragon Dildo in OG Night King - Chrome, True Blue and Nebula Dark Purple

Vivaes in Crucible - Chrome, Copper, and Iron

Flora in Blush - Pearl Pink, Pearl White, and Pearl Rose

Flora in Daylily - Pearl Pink, Pearl Violet, and Pearl White

Vis in Coquet - NOLA Purple, Candy Apple Red, and Nebula Dark Purple

Astra in Gamecock - Lemon Pop, Pearl Aqua, and Orchid

Astra in Jazzberry - Raspberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry

Flora in Calla Lily - Lavender, Mermaid Blue, and Orchid

Night King in Armor II - Pearl Aqua, Bronze, and Luster Glitter Black

Flora in Begonia - Lemon Pop, Pearl White, and Candy Apple Red

Vis in Blue Chrome - Color Shift Blue, Chrome, and Luster Glitter Black

Flora in Bouquet - Pearl Rose, Lavender, and Orchid

Vivaes in Azurite - Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, and Nebula Dark Purple

Cephalatrox in Armor I - Sapphire Blue, Copper, and Iron

A Xenusoid in UV I - UV Pink, UV Blue, UV Purple

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