A Gallery of Colors

Here in the Uberrime Studio I use cosmetics based mica pigments for striking, skin safe coloring. Basic color combinations of light to dark for a two color, or add a third accent color for a tightly marbled, truly stunning, completely unique, only one on earth result. 

Three color tight marbling with a transition. Here 24 Karat Gold, Monochrome Orange, to True Red. I call this The Sunburst.

Blob Layering of two colors here in Monochrome Cool Red and Shimmer Lemon POP.

Spot Layer Marbling in Flat Black and Metallic Silver for a striking contrast.

Example of a Fade from one color to another. Here Crucible Red to Crucible Gold.

Example of tight marbling of Bishop's Violet and Forged Gold.

Example of tight marble and fade of three colors, True Blue, Metallic Silver, and Cosmos.

Layer Marbling of 24 Karat Gold and Monochrome Red.

Contrast Marbling of Flat Black and Crucible Gold.

An example of tight marbling of Aster Purple and Flat Black.

Flat Vanilla. A creamy mix of two "SilPig" silicone pigments. I sometimes call it "Naked."

True Red/Orange. A slightly pearl red with a mix of true orange.

Shimmer Lemon POP. A bright and shiny yellow with yellow glitter.

Red Drop Rose is my own blend of semi metallic and pearl mica pigments.

Pearl White. This translucent mica pigment is chalked full of micro glitters and shimmers like a pearl.

Nebula. A fantastic cosmetic mica pigment with splashes of blue glitter and a dark blue base.

Metallic Bronze. I love this metallic and the huge amount of bronze micro glitter in it.

Glow In the Dark Green. A mix of Fluorescent Green and Green Glow In the Dark Pigment.

Glow In The Dark Blue. A mix of Fluorescent Blue and Blue Glow In the Dark Pigment.

Cosmos. A dark mica mixed with reddish and purple glitter.

Flat Chocolate. A mix of silicone based "SilPig" pigments for a creamy rich chocolate color.

Astral. An eerie, alienesque green glitter and dark base green mica pigment. Excellent for accent color.

Pearl Pink - A lovely, glimmering pearl mica pigment with lots of pink glitter.

Sapphire Blue - A Semi Metallic/Pearl, a rich dark blue mica pigment.

Monochrome Orange - Almost a solid orange but slightly translucent.

True Blue - A Semi Metallic/Pearl mica based pigment. Truly Blue.

Forged Gold - A standard in gold based metallic mica pigments. Works with nearly every color.

Red Devil Red - A flaky metallic red mica pigment with slight copper tint.

Metallic Silver - Silver it is and like other metallic pigments, creates its own dramatic marbling.

Monochrome Cool Red - A translucent red mica pigment, non metallic, almost blood like.

Crucible Gold - a heavily metallic dark brownish gold.

Fluorescent Pink - Yes, a flat, straight up fluorescent pink for when you want it to pop!

Crucible Red - A heavy metallic, deep brownish red. Pair with a gold and boom.

Fluorescent Purple - A flat brilliant purple which smacks with color.

Fluorescent Green - A flat green that stands out like crazy. I use this color for glow in the dark green items.

Flat Black - Straight up black, slightly translucent, and excellent as a contrast to any color.

Aquarius Green - A deep sea colored heavy metallic green. In this color or add a drop of fluorescent green to lighten it up a bit.

Cloissone Red - a very sensual color which as a stand alone is exceptionally elegant in appearance. Pair with gold, and yes...

Aster Purple - A metallic purple which marbles on its own.

Cosmic Carolyn Pink - A shimmering semi metallic, slightly darker pink.

Bishop's Violet - A Semi Metallic/Pearl Violet - My personal favorite mixed with any gold or bright accent color.

Copper "Tone" - Straight up Metallic Copper which makes for dramatic self marbling and a gorgeous result.

Colorona Bordeaux - A gorgeous red wine in semi metallic/pearl.

Anastasia Red - a dark red semi metallic. Pair with gold pigments for elegance.

24 Karat Gold - one of my favorites. A yellowish, glittery bright gold. Pairs with nearly any color.

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