A Gallery of Colors

Here in the Uberrime Studio I use cosmetics based mica pigments for striking, skin safe coloring. Basic color combinations of light to dark for a two color, or add a third accent color for a tightly marbled, truly stunning, completely unique, only one on earth result. 

A high pearl white with a ton of microfine gold glitter

True Blue - contains a bit of glitter

Stainless Steel - bluish pearly white

Silver - A very Metallic White

Red Oxide

Red or Candy Apple Red

Pearl White

Pearl Violet

Pearl Turquoise

Pearl Rose

Pearl Pink

Pearl Green

Pearl Blue

Pearl Aqua - a highly pearlized deep teal, sometimes referred to as Epiphora Teal.

Orchid, its "Blurple" as it can be both blue or purple depending on the light


Mermaid Blue

Iron Oxide Black Pigment with Blue, Purple, Green and Holographic Glitter

Lemon Pop Yellow

Lavender - Pearly version of NOLA Purple

Kermit or Limeade Green


Glittery Gold

UV Reactive Glow in the Dark Green

UV Reactive Glow In the Dark Blue

UV Reactive Pink



UV Reactive Alien Green

UV Reactive Alien Green

UV Reactive Alien Blue

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